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Futuristic Breakthrough Designs Comfortable on the Cutting Edge
…or Why women feel more beautiful in my clothes.
by Stefan Daniel Bell

I believe the fashion business as we knew it failed because it stopped listening to You.

My clothes don’t have sizes.

My clothes are designed from the inside out. For You; your body, your life….


• My newest venture is the creation of a line of sacred wedding dresses. Prototypes will be finished in the next month or so…

• My current fashion focus as a is lace, armour made of lace, couture gowns, refabricated and reused clothing: self-couture.

• You can hear my music. On the day I’m writing, I’m on 21 on the reverbnation electronica chart in san francisco.

• I have been creating a series of couture dresses for editorials about modern fashion, women; strength and independence- all within an art space of Japanese street fashion, myths (like those of the Greeks, Venus is featured in the boutique), classical fashion (like French designer Jean Paul Gaultier), cutting edge art clothing that is wearable in everyday life.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by!


You are the Runway!

From brash to conservative.

Go to the movies or the opera, wearing the same clothes.

The rules have changed. The way that we are expected to dress is different than it was even ten years ago. Casual Friday became casual week. Now it is up to us to create the future of Fashion. From formal to conservative in one outfit- Modal Clothing.

You are the heart and soul of fashion. Designers would love to use you to advertise their brand. Use their fashion to brand yourself instead. Don’t copy any look, make them copy you.

Successful people spend a lot of time looking good. Some may call it superficial, but make-up and hair styling predate the wheel; they may even predate the widespread use of fire. It is not superficial. Anyone who has seen the cream rise to the top knows it is usually the person who looks the best at the end of the day, in whatever capacity they are there in.

You don’t have to look like a model; you only have to look like you- especially if you are a model.

The runways of New York and Paris, however brilliant, have been removed from your daily life. Don’t chase fashion trends, make them chase you. Designers around the world wake up every day to try to dress you for your Runway.

Your bathroom, your bedroom (your bed), Your Life is Your Runway. Your job, your stage; everywhere you appear- this is a chance to showcase your style.

You are the Runway. Who are you? How do you really feel? Let’s start there.


‘You are the Runway!’ copyright in 2005 by Stefan Daniel Bell.

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