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A picture, a new home page on …show in July, 5 albums out, reviews of my music,… ~ s

May 3, 2012

New home page on …show in July, 5 albums out, reviews of my music,… ~ s
The picture below is now on the #Metacouture homepage…. ~ stefan


“Anime Umbrella Portrait – Smoke Series”
by Stefan Daniel Bell & Ethan Allen
Credits for the picture above:
New Media & Traditional Print Consulting, Fashion Coordination, Art Direction Fashion, Hair & Makeup Design, & Styling: Stefan Daniel Bell & Metacouture™

Photography Notes…

Who: Credits. Creative director and photographer: Ethan T. Allen
Model: Piper Attebery

Hair and makeup: Xochitl Angelica

What: Anime Umbrella Portrait – Smoke Series; Beauty image of a woman wearing futuristic armor made of lace with a couture layered gown merged with smoke by the artist.
Why: To document Beauty and create fashion from natural forms to reflect the life of the photographer, Ethan Allen. Photographs were taken in a natural light studio set up in front of his house at the certified organic farm he lives on in coastal Sonoma County, California.

You can hear Stefan’s music here:
 | New Media Content Arts & Culture | Art, Music, Fashion
Hear new music by Stefan Daniel Bell available now on iTunes.
Genres: Classical, Pop, Rock, Soundtrack, “Film Score”, “Hard Rock”, “Classic Rock”, “Glam Rock”, “Hip Hop”, Rap, “Instrumental Hip Hop”, Downtempo, “Break Beat”, “Classical Metal”, “British Pop”, “British Rock”, Alternative, Indie, Electropop, “New Wave”, “Post Punk”, Punk, R&B, Soul, Disco, Funk, Ambient, Trance, Dance, Electronic, “20th Century”, “21st Century”, Gospel, Mod, Grunge, Guitar, Acapela, “Heavy Metal”, Jazz, “Acid Jazz”, Lounge, Groove, Glam, Experimental, Vocal, among many more


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